Monday, April 30, 2012


Tonight on the 6 PM news, a channel 7 reporter indicated that 25% of the roads and bridges in New York are functionally obsolete. That means the roads and bridges were built during the 1940s before safety rules were put into place. There are sections of the road that promote unsafe conditions.

On the edge of roads that are part of the functionally obsolete, there are areas that promote "vaulting", a car hitting a high speed gets propelled over the guard rail. It's happened twice on the Bronx River Expressway.

12% of the bridges in New York State are structurally deficient. This mean the amount of pressure and usage the bridges experience from traffic flow could exacerbate the already poor conditions. Sure wish Congress had passed the Jobs Bill.

We have 2.5 million soldiers who are in various stages of returning back to the United States. Surely the knowledge they have gained from building in Iraq and Iran can be put to use here in the United States. Surely seeing yet another family go through the grief process is enough to spur those in Congress to either take another look at the Jobs Bill which would provide jobs to address the serious infrastructure issues in New York and in other states. Don't like the old Jobs Bill - propose one that involves fixing roads and bridges. Start simple - START editing the Jobs Bill. Then vote - for life - for the lives of those who are still here, for the lives of those who are just beginning, for the lives of those who are further down the road. Vote on a Jobs Bill which supports infrastructure because it is a vote for life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bridges, roads, tunnels

As I travel along the Brooklyn Bridge, heading to another meeting, I noticed the unbelievable amount of rust on an exposed portion that is not covered by corrugated tin.

I say a silent mantra - 'bridges, roads, tunnels - oh my. Need to be repaired - right now.'