Monday, July 23, 2012

Reworking of the Electrical Grid & Drain System- Now

The summer is proceeding along. Cooling centers are open. Cooling centers require water and electricity. In between heat advisory days, there are increased needs for air conditioning and clean water. What is needed is a comprehensive system to deal with increased demands by a population to be cool when it is very hot, and to deal drainage when there are severe thunderstorms, which ineveitably occur after a heatwave. What is also needed is an ability to more effectively repair and rework the electrical grid so that power is not lost stranding thousands of residents for weeks at a time so that they are without the basic necessities.

New Jersey residents suffer from both power outages and water from the storms overflowing the rivers, which then affect the homes of residents, which flood their basements, which affect the power supply. It's a vicious circle.

What's to be done so that we do not have a repeat of August 14, 2003 that affected New York City and a section of Canada? Can we now have a jobs bill approved by Congress that addresses hiring people skilled in addressing and improving and generating ideas to support the infrastructure of the United States?