Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wading in the Water - Part 4

Today was a great opening day for most schools in NYC. Unfortunately, there are some areas alo0ng the East Coast, like in Pennsylvania, where students are being evacuated from their school.

We are now in a pattern of heavy precipitation. Now the East Coast is dealing with Tropical Storm Lee. Click here to see a short video. Ground that has already soaked up the water, has no more room. The result is that families who thought they had successfully survived Irene, now look as their basements, and homes flood. On top of that, if they happened to put their water logged belongings out on the street, the new, large puddles, or flash floods, push their items into other property.

President Obama will be speaking tonight, trying to convince a certain section of the Congress to put Country First. Let's make the thinking process even simpler than that - let's put neighbor first. Let's stop mistaking kindness and caring for the welfare of people for weakness and realize that fixing, editing and contributing to a jobs plan that will address America's wobbly infrastructure is more important than party politics.

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