Saturday, August 20, 2011

Only 3 drains on 159th Street = Wade in the Water Part 4

I listened to a story today on New York 1 in which homeowners in Queens who live in a neighborhood that has "low lying topography" fight a losing battle every time that it rains. The three drains on the street quickly become clogged with debris. The water contains "run off from a neighboring plant" and the back flow from sewers.

The result - the possessions of the homeowners who are working class, trying to stretch a dollar to help their family, now must deal with throwing away items they probably held dear as it is now ruined. They must also cope with the thought of the long term damage that is happening to their basements, and in reality, their homes.

The solution - we need more drains. More drains requires civil engineers, which eventually means construction, which means jobs, which leads to addressing one component of infrastructure. A patchwork solution will not address the issue. We need the helping hand of Uncle Sam to address not only this type of situation in areas around the city but around the country. That can only happen if the emphasis is on - - - infrastructure now.

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