Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wading in the Water Part 3

There are home owners in Dongan Hills in Staten Island who must be the best savers in the world. Whenever there is a big thunderstorm or downpour of rain, or weather in which precipitation falls from the sky for 24 hours and the ground becomes saturated, the basements flood. The residents on Channel 11, this morning recounted that some have renovated their basement 3 times in the past 3 years. The question to think about - how many of those same residents now have the resources in these hard economic times to renovate their basement again? How many of these residents have the medical resources in case a family member becomes ill from being exposed to water in the basement for a prolonged period of time? How is productivity affected if the attention of people is focused on saving the structural integrity of their homes?

I'll stop with the questions and make a suggestion. When Congress comes back from their "va-ca" (vacation), the first thing on their minds should be to look at all of the bills and ideas dealing with infrastructure.

Do you know that water mains are large pipes underground that carry -- water -- underground? Who knows the age of water main pipes? Could some of those water main pipes be several decades old? When pipes break they pose a huge problem because now the water affects other elements needed such as gas and electricity. Check out Con Ed once again trying to deal with a water main break by clicking here.

So did you know President Obama proposed an Infrasture bill back in October 2010 - $500 billion dollars, dealing with - of all things - rebuilding such things as drainage, spillways, pipes, bridges, roads - all that type of stuff- in America. Don't believe me? Check it out here.

Hmm - it seems when the government starts investing in maintaining or rebuilding or truly repairing infrastructure, one creates jobs. Dare I say it - focusing on infrastructure is a link to rebuilding jobs in America, for Americans, by Americans, to rebuild, repair, and revitalize - - - America.

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