Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A skilled workforce. What do they contribute?

A CTE school is a career and technical education school. A CTE school produces students who become proficient and gain mastery in academic skills, technical skills, and life skills. By life skills, I mean communication, technical skills, and interpersonal skills. Supporting the work of updating the infrastructure throughout each state in the glorious United States needs a skilled workforce in order to fix the electrical grid, or to fix the creaky bridges, or to fix the roads, or to fix the sewers and pipes.

A CTE school is the pipeline to a skilled workforce. Having students see a connection to additional post-secondary training in order to be eligible for a respectable job that leads to a middle class lifestyle is of immeasurable value. By passing the America Needs Jobs Bill, students will see the possible in action. Students would feel that their country is providing the support for them to be the key to a bright future in which manpower is used to turn the key to the U. S. economy.

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