Friday, October 28, 2011

Waiting with Baited Breath for Congress To Do The Right Thing

Each morning during the week, early in the morning, there is a parade of yellow school buses that zoom to their respective destinations to pick up their charges. If they do not go to their locations, children will have an extremely difficult time of getting to school on time. It is a financial and social contract one witnesses each morning as bus drivers attend to the duty and obligation of their job realizing that their efforts contribute to the future of others. Their charges are not easy. They can be extremely challenging and yet and still the school bus drivers know that their job is a link to making a facet of the educational system work.

Maintaining infrastructure is a link to the country being able to continue to function.

Twice the American Jobs Act comes up for a vote. Twice the Congress votes it down. It causes one to wonder are these elected officials breaking their financial and social contract with the American people?

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