Friday, November 4, 2011

For the 3rd time - Congress says NO to Jobs

0.7% to those who earn $1,000,000 or more to fund a jobs bill. The answer from Congress - "No." No to jobs. If there is no vote on a jobs bill, those who receive unemployment will NOT receive their unemployment during the holidays.

We have veterans who will be returning home by the holidays, 2011. Their primary experience has been in the armed services. Another bill is coming before Congress dealing with funding a jobs bill to help returning veterans get employment. What will Congress's answer be?

At the fundamental core of funding any of the jobs bills, it requires dealing with giving. If one wanted to have a harder point of view, one could say it is an inconvenience. Those who earn 1,000,000 or more would have $7,000 less to spend. The $7,000 would contribute to roadwork, bridge repair, bridge building, electronic grid repair, electronic grid creation. The $7,000 would contribute to schools being able to hire more teachers and reduce class size; cities being able to train and hire more police officers and reducing crime; cities being able to train and hire more firefighters and significantly decrease response time to fires.

One could look at an additional $7,000 as an inconvenience that causes one pure rage to the point of wanting to leave the country. OR - one could look upon $7,000 as a gift of gratitude to the country that nurtured one's ability to become a millionaire.

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